Who We Are // Casitas de la Sierra

Casitas de la Sierra. Who are we?

A new life begins for our Resort LAS CASITAS DE LA SIERRA, rural tourism houses in the midle of Montejaque, a charming white Andalusian village surrounded by the mountains of Ronda and the Grazalema National Park.

Bigitte y Pedro
Pedro and Brigitte

Offer you the best of Montejaque and their Cottages

The engine behind the resort of “Casitas de la Sierra” are Pedro and Brigitte Romero, a French-Spanish couple who loves nature and the tranquility that involves the village of Montejaque.

Pedro Romero is a 50-year-old Spaniard with experience in business sector and has led several companies in France in the construction sector..

Brigitte Romero,is a charming fifty years old lady, of French origin, and empathy is one of her biggest qualities as she has been a teacher for mentally disturbed adults.

Casitas de la Sierra, a haven from stress and routine

The project of “Casitas de la Sierra” arose after the need to disconnect, to break with the strong stress of life in the city and the business world and reconnect again with nature, the human being. Reconnect with the authentic life.

Montejaque and his CASITAS DE LA SIERRA welcomed us with all the generosity of their nature and its people. Persons who are aware and proud of the richness of their land, their heritage, their traditions and who also share it generously with their visitors.

vegetación y flores es nuestros parques

~ This is our main goal ~

Today we have a mission that we fulfill with joy day after day we want to offer you:

All our hospitality to our customers in a friendly atmosphere, to welcome them and take care of them. We put at your disposal a personal service to optimize your stay in THE CASITAS DE LA SIERRA and have you enjoying each minute of it.  We want to contribute to your relaxation and well-being so that you can enjoy, in the best conditions, your experience in this paradise and feel part of it.