Common areas of all the houses of Casitas de la Sierra

Common areas of all houses

A quiet environment that invites to relax

You can find Casitas de la sierra/cottages in the mountains in the city Montejaque. A touristic resort, much alike an urbanization in which we have several houses that share common facilities. Our guests can enjoy their independent house and at the same time enjoy the common areas including swimming pool, easy access to the mountains, a fantastic garden and catering services.

Zonas comunes para compartir con la familia y amigos

Advantages of sharing space

You will never regret to share the common facilities. being in a rural environment, you enjoy your relax at all time but at the same time you need some human contact and have some fun. And that is what the common areas will provide us, a place where you can meet other guests and enjoy the good atmosphere due to the same interests of everybody in the resort as the idea is to disconnect from our jobs and to forget for a while the daily hustle and bustle.


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A place where you can eat enjoying nature.

Swimming pool

A dip before lunch, would you like it?

Private parking

We offer free parking during your stay.

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Community pool in our cottages

Just like other facilities at our holiday urbanization, the pool is communal for all guests use. Our houses don´t have a private pool. Probably it´s more fun to enjoy the pool together with the other guests that coincide the experience of renting one of our cottages at the same time as you do. It´s a fantastic pool in which you can take a good dip and sunbath all the time you want.

Piscina compartida para bañarse en verano
Jardín de montaña español

Explore our botanical garden.

Enjoy at “casitas de la sierra/cottages in the mountain” the Andalusian vegetation in the most original and cheerful way, with his soft lawns and of the patios from each cottage. Our Spanish mountain garden was designed more then 20 years ago and has a wide variety of native, local and international plants. More than 2400 m2 extend on the mountainside in small pathways and terraces. We have a gorgeous Pohutukawa tree with red and fluffy flowers, orange trees, lemon trees, pines, palm trees, jasmine, rosemary. A very spacious green area with large shades and recreation areas for lunch or picnic, surrounded by plants and trees. The pathways of this wonderful garden will guide you to Ronda, Benoajan and the Cat Cave (about 30 min walk)

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Restaurante y bar juntos con menús de comida andaluza

We have a restaurant on the resort

Nobody likes to cook much, when on vacation, so the good news we have for all guests that spend some time at casitas de la sierra/cottages in the mountain is that we have a restaurant on the resort that unleashes the envy of the neighbors. The chef in charge has worked in several countries, has been chef of Michelin starred restaurants and even cooked for the Queen. His cooking gathers the best of the international fusion spirit, but he also prepares Pizza, children´s menu and the restaurant offers sandwiches that children can enjoy wile playing. And if what you want is to dine on the terrace or inside your rented cottage, we have a take away service so you can enjoy it with the comfort and intimacy of your own rented house.

Country house with barbecue

Another common area you will love is the barbecue area, where you can experience some fantastic gastronomic sessions. We put at your disposal everything you need to have the barbecue of your life, cooking outdoors using the picnic areas where you can lunch or dine comfortably along with your friends or family. Among all the common areas we offer for sure the barbecue area is the most popular one.

Zonas compartidas para hacer comida al grill

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