Rural Tourism in Montejaque, Malaga

Leisure in Montejaque and in the province of Málaga

A city enchanted by the sun, the sea and the mountains

Millions of people visit Málaga every year, which has led that this province has become one of the most popular in our country. It´s allure is to admire throughout the whole year due to the wonderful corners, the beauty of his landscapes, it´s traditions and it´s many activities to offer to all travelers. Those who taste the atmosphere of Malaga once, always want to come back and strengthens our conviction that this is a fantastic province offering it´s beautiful white villages. And the best of all is that you can enjoy the busy city and find the peace and tranquility in places like Montejaque.

Ocio en la provincia de málaga

Tourism in Malaga and surroundings

Searching where to stay during the Malaga Fair is common, as its one of the most popular celebrations of the year throughout Spain. Everyone wants to have the opportunity to live this fair in person at least once in a lifetime as it transmits impressive sensations. With an accommodation at Montejaque like the one we propose, you can spend the day at the Malaga fair and at the end of the day you can go to our rural cottage where you can have a satisfying relax.

But visiting Malaga and surroundings doing tourism is much more than visiting the fair. You can go to all kinds of historical places, see monuments, visit museums or walk through the streets of the city and make a stop in its bars and cafes. You will fall in love with the City from the first moment you visit and makes you come back again and again. All these plans are open and flexible so you can enjoy them whether traveling romantically with your loved one, or with family or large groups of friends or together with big families with up to six people.

What to do near Málaga?

If you ask yourselve what to do in Montejaque and near Malaga, this area can delight you with its thousands of beautiful views, you can practice all types of sport, such as paintball, surfing or buggy, and even horse rides. There is a lot to offer, and you will always find something new to delight your attention, such as observatories for those who love astronomy, you can climb with instructor or go bird watching. Plans go much further, as it also offers the opportunity to visit caves near Montejaque, collect mushrooms, descend ravines or fly paratrike. Along Cadiz and Malaga you find the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, where you can enjoy the nature and its fauna where you can practice trekking and other itineraries of natural and cultural diversity

Paseo a caballo en málaga

One of the best aspects of staying in the cottages we have in Montejaque is that the resort offers an area for tourist information where you will discover everything you need to carry out these activities. In this way it will be easy for you to fulfill your desires without any difficulty and practice sports or go on excursions, always doing as you prefer, since it´s up to you to decide.

Tourist information

We offer you plans to enjoy your stay

Activities for everybody

From climbing and practicing trekking to horseback riding

Good location

Airport, buses, even by foot... everything near to you

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Rural plans with kids

It will never disappoint to do Rural holidays with children in Andalusia. The experience will enrich both parents and the little ones. You will be able to live in an environment as wonderful as Montejaque and here your children will discover in person all advantages of living in a place far from the big cities and the stress of their daily life. This may be the first contact that children have with a rural place, the first time they experience something they have seen so far only in a film or on television. That’s why they will enjoy unforgettable days and learn to connect with nature.

In addition to learn about the rural environment, children and their parents can visit caves, walk, visit nearby villages such as Ronda, and enjoy a thousand of beautiful views. You can go horseback riding or visit astronomical observatories where you can see the stars and learn about what’s in the sky beyond our reach.

Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities in Malaga are very popular, there are a lot of activities to practice beside the adventure sports we’ve talked about before. In fact, the natural environment provided by the Montejaque environment, enviable for how quiet and pleasant it is, is perfect just because of the fact you can disconnect. You can do it by taking a walk, do some trekking through the established routes, or running and testing your endurance while enjoying some of the best landscapes in the country. While outside you can enjoy the birds or look for stones and discover a rural place that hides many secrets and always excites the visitors.

What to see around Malaga?

Málaga has so much to propose in its surroundings that you will need a lot of time or several holidays to see everything. The city is fantastic, being a perfect representation of the Spanish and Andalusian essence that likes so much for its architecture, tradition and also for the warmth of their people. If you want to go for a swim there are beaches that you cannot miss, such as San Julián, Guadalmar or Malagueta. And the mountains are an ideal way to breathe fresh air and connect with a lifestyle that we sometimes forget when we live in the city..