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Choosing a place to stay in Malaga is not too complicated when you know about of the existence of Montejaque, a traditional-looking village. Here you will understand the absolute meaning of relax and tranquility. It is located on the outskirts of Ronda, in the Andalusian mountain, right next to the entrance that has his access to Grazalema, one of the national parks of the region. Staying in Montejaque will bring an unprecedented level of relax in an enviable setting in which you can carry out activities and enjoy the fantastic facilities that we have ready for use in “Casitas de la Sierra”

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Montejaque y sus alrededores

Unique and peaceful environment

We all like Malaga, but there is no doubt that when we travel in what we think about the most is to separate ourselves from the elements that surround us from daily business. And that means that we are looking for quiet, beautiful places in the Sierra of Málaga, and in this way we end up in this fantastic place called Montejaque. From the moment you will arrive at this village of less than 1000 inhabitants you will breathe history, nature and peace. The tranquility that you have in a place like this, able to revitalize you immediately, is something you cannot find anywhere else, for sure not in a big city.

All around Montejaque you find nature. You will notice it when you take a deep breathe, when you hear the birds singing, as when you look at the sky at night and watch the stars… there are many ways to notice it. Also enjoying the gastronomy of the area, which is authentic and has not changed over the decades, or feeling surrounded by the people of the village, its traditions, its tourist sites and its flora and fauna. The quality of life of our ancestors’ clashes with our daily stress to which we are so accustomed and causes pleasant sensations once we realize the difference.

Grazalema Natural Park

Prepare yourself to see with your own eyes one of the types of tourism in Malaga that will surprise you, as sometimes you do not expect to meet these wonders of nature. Montejaque is located at the entrance of the Grazalema Natural Park, where you can enjoy the best views worthy to an authentic postcard. Its predominant nature of limestone rocks and its composition has led throughout the ages to become a perfect place to explore, to walk through and to visit caves. Thus, it is recommended to go to the Cave of the Pool, in which we can see in person cave paintings, or marvel at the underground river that is located inside the Cave of the Cat.

Parque Natural de Grazalema

White villages close to the neighborhood

 And the ideal position in which Montejaque is located still provides more possibilities. If you already know Ronda or want to look for something different among the towns near Malaga capital, the best you can do is visit some of the splendid white villages, some of them well known per example “Setenil de las Bodegas”. This attractive village safeguards his well-preserved antique urban center and understands the importance of its old historical streets. During your visit you can see the Castle of Setenil, the hermitage of San Sebastian, the Old Consistorial House or the caves of San Román, with evidences that Setenil was already inhabited more than 5000 years ago. Usually Setenil is the last white village to be visited  on this route of white villages and after that take direction to Ronda and don´t forget to visit El Gastor, Olvera or Torre Alháquime.

Ronda, muy cerca

Ronda, very close

For geographical reasons, meanwhile you are spending some relaxing and peaceful days in one of our cottages “Casitas de la Sierra” in Montejaque, known as one of Malaga’s best areas, visiting Ronda could be one of your best excursions.  This city is located near the province of Seville and provides a delicious combination of tradition and modernity in equal parts. Visiting the city, which is just 16 kilometers away, you can enjoy shopping on La Bola Street, or see in person touristic spots such as the Alameda Park or the Gothic-designed cathedral

River Guadiaro

This river is one of the key places in the area, its surroundings has elements of touristic interest such as the creek “Arroyo del Nacimiento”, the “angosturas of the Guadiaro River” or the dam “Presa de los Caballeros”. For those who spend a few relaxing days in Montejaque this is one of the symbols of the region that first will gain familiarity. It is a perfect demonstration of what to expect during a rural holiday in Malaga province; to be connected to nature and it´s fauna and that is shared to everybody in search of disconnecting the stress.

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