What to See and Do in Montejaque - White Villages

Find out all about Montejaque, in Malaga´s province

Few places like Montejaque offer a balance between relax and touristic offers.

Montejaque is one of the best secrets of Malaga, a Paradise recently discovered by tourists and willing to be your personal paradise soon. The village Montejaque is close to the natural Park Grazalema where you can enjoy the peaceful and quiet area surrounded by mountains and water far away from your daily stress.

The resort of this cottages in Montejaque makes you forget about your stress and helps you enjoy your holiday with all the relax you deserve.

Pueblo blanco de montaña es Montejaque

Why stay at Montejaque?

From time to time we all like to disconnect, although at the same time we want to be in a good touristic area. That combination offers “Casitas de la Sierra” to you. We are sure that here, you can forget all your worries and relax, spend your day enjoying peaceful atmosphere, eat in our restaurant and have a dip in the swimming pool. It´s an ideal place to reset your mind and take that rest you need so much. At the same time, you can visit Ronda or Malaga. Both destinations have a lot of touristic attractions to offer and they are close to Montejaque.

Excursiones a caballo

What can be done here?

In addition to visit nearby cities such as Malaga and Cadiz, there are multitude of plans that are also available in the surrounding area. One of the most exotic and adventurous is riding a horse, experience that will delight those who try it for the first time, because of the connection you will feel to animal and nature. We also can go trekking enjoying the fresh air and views while walking or go more adventurous and go for a climb. No limits for you while you stay in Montejaque.

More questions about what to do in Montejaque:

Nearby attractions

Staying in Montejaque gives you the advantage to live close to a lot of interesting places. One of them is the bridge. An area that cherishes antique pieces of the roman bridge at the Campobuche river. The Cat Cave is one of the best places nearby to visit and if you go to Ronda you shouldn’t miss the museum dedicated to the “bandoleros” the famous bandits of past history…

The natural Park of Grazamela with his nature which encounters Montejaque will charm you for the rest of your life.

Plans with children in Montejaque

Going out to visit the caves near Montejaque will please the whole family, because it has that touch of adventure. Young people will discover the charm of a natural environment and together you can visit the natural park of Grazalema or go to something more cultural as visit the museum Thyssen in Malaga City.  You can always stay at our resort enjoying the barbecue area, the pool and other attractions. Our resort has everything you need to enjoy a wonderful holiday.

Is it near Malaga?

Montejaque is very close to Malaga. Just 138 km away. Perfect distance to enjoy Malaga during the day and at the same time enjoy the peaceful area in our resort where you can disconnect from daily life and relax. In the morning you can go to Malaga and be back in the evening so you can enjoy the combination of tourism during day and relax at night in our resort.

That’s why Montejaque is one of the favourite places for accommodation for couples or groups of friends, whether five or seven people. Its marvellous surroundings and its streets make the experience unique and incomparable.

Is near Ronda?

Even more recommended is a visit to Ronda as distance between Montejaque and Ronda is only 19 km. Not more than a 20-minute drive. Ronda has a lot of tourism to offer and you will enjoy the combination of city and resort where you can disconnect and relax in one of our cottages in Montejaque.

Typical dishes of Montejaque and Malaga

If there is a typical dish that represents the kitchen of Montejaque are their delicious potatoes fried in pan. The gastronomy of Malaga’s region is fantastic at all levels, highlighting dishes as tasty as “gazpachuelo” a cold tomato soup, his sandwiches and Mediterranean cuisine.