What to See, Do and Visit in Ronda from Montejaque

Find out all about Ronda

Sense the peace and relax among breathtaking view

If someone like Ernest Hemingway said Ronda is the city that all people in love should visit,

We don´t need to say that it´s a unique place. It´s streets, its buildings its emblematic places makes this city worth to be visited.

When you arrive, we will be the first one to inform you about all activities in Ronda.

pueblos blancos en casitas de ronda

What to see in Ronda?

One of the things to see when you are in Ronda is the Guadalevin river, one of the symbols of greatest distinction of the Andalusian geography. You can cross the spectacular New bridge where mother nature gives you beautiful views you can´t stop looking at.  Ronda´s natural environment can be enjoyed in one of the cottages of Montejaque where you will be able to be part of the tranquility and peace without limits end very close to Ronda.

Puente de Ronda, Málaga
Plaza de la duquesa

What to visit?

If you have undertaken a trip to the city of Ronda you must know it’s a city with great sensations. In one day, it´s impossible to see everything Ronda offers but we can recommend “la CIUDAD” the old center of Ronda. The design of the streets with winding path and narrow streets is complemented by the presence of a gothic cathedral and its gardens where you feel like want to take pictures with no end. You can visit very old churches or go to the “plaza Duquesa de Parcent” or “Plaza de toros” one of the oldest plazas where Ronda celebrates their bullfights. One of Spain’s oldest tradition and a famous tourist attraction.

More things that might interest you.....

Plans to make in two days

With more time for your visit to Ronda it still can be a place to surprise you. You can spend a day in the city, go and sleep in our cottages in Montejaque and go back next day to Ronda to continue your visit. We didn´t mention yet the “Park of Alameda” in which you will send some relaxing hours, enjoy the views in one of the balconies of the park. In many bars and restaurants you can have lunch and afterwards you should visit the old Arab baths, testimony of the Arab history of Ronda.

To decide what to do in Ronda is choosing between a lot of activities and proposals. From walking through his historic streets to visit Ronda’s churches or visit “Aguilas de Rondais” where you can see vultures, owls and a lot of other animals.

Where to eat in Ronda?

Another advantage of visiting the villages in this mountain range like Ronda, is the opportunity to enjoy Andalusian gastronomy. At the vast majority of restaurants, you can enjoy a great quality of dishes and recipes. The Mediterranean diet uses the best olive oil the best fresh fish and meat and converts it in a sensation for your palate. The influence of the Arab legacy can be tasted also as nuts and almonds are part of a lot of recipes. After dining what best than returning to our cottages in Montejaque where you can enjoy a relaxed and peaceful evening bathed by the starry sky and odors of our nature.

Know Ronda by night

During the night Ronda opens his best bars, restaurants and pubs. You can dine gorgeously at the restaurant “Don Miguel” with one of the best terraces of the whole city with view over the river Tagus or try typical dishes with good cocktails at “Casa Ortega” another well known restaurant.

After dinner you can enjoy the night life drinking a good Gin at the “gintoneria” or in a pub with young environment “El lechuguita”

We can´t finish the night without having a drink in the 7 copas bar, where you can sit on their lawn, for sure one of the most expectacular pubs in Ronda, or at “Goyesca”.

Activities with children

If you travel with children, you will have a wide selection of possibilities to see in and near Ronda. The youngest will have fun in the villages near to Ronda as well as visiting the museum “el bandolero” which review the Spanish history of one of the most important bandits in Spanish history. The fun park at Alameda could be a great activity also.